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Atlantic Coast Tattoo

Opening times:

Monday    10:30-17:00
Tuesday   10:30-17:00
Wednesday       closed
Thursday  10:30-17:00
Friday       10:30-17:00
Saturday   10:30-17:00

Sunday              closed

Please note that consultations currently takes place by appointments only.

If you after particular artist we advise you to contact them directly via  their social media.

If you don't have preference message us on our main Facebook page. 

Tel: 01637 498050

Mob 07966061849



Welcome to Atlantic Coast Tattoo

                      Newquay                                    Artists you can trust                   01637 498050


To book an appointment for custom tattoo we would prefer you to visit our studio for a consultation. Consultations currently by appointments only. If you don't know which artist you need to see, you can always email us or Face Book message with your ideas and we will get back to you with details. To book a tattoo appointment you will need to secure it with a deposit. Please note that we can only give you very rough estimate online. Waiting times are different with each artist and vary on time of the year, size of tattoo that you after. please contact us for more details. 

For the latest news and works please follow us on Facebook page,

you can also message your tattoo ideas here, ask questions etc.

​Best way to contact us is via Facebook page.

Sam Cocharne @elcapitan_ruck

specialises in smaller tattoos,

please contact them directly if you after smaller tattoo.

​​​Atlantic Coast Tattoo is the place where the customer comes first, the quality is affordable and the tattoos are exceptional. We are proud to be one of the biggest  tattoo studio in Cornwall with the exceptionally talented artists! Until now our vision came true and we have many happy customers who are proudly wearing our art! We are highly professional tattoo studio and a great place to get inked or pierced by some great artists..

We also offer laser tattoo removal if you have something that you'd like to remove or change to new ink.  

 Here at Atlantic Coast Tattoo we are specialize in custom work and we really enjoy transforming your ideas into the beautiful tattoos you will cherish all your life. We think that every tattoo is special and it needs to be done in a highly professional manner.  If you'd like to discuss your tattoo idea with one of our artists please do not hesitate drop us an email or message via Facebook page(best way) or our instagram accounts if you wish to contact artists individually!

All small tattoos we price up individually and all bigger works are charged by hourly or a day session rate. 

For tattoo queries best to contact us via our Facebook page, to check availability we need to know what style of tattoo you after, pictures if you have any, size and placement. that will help us to let you know availability and which artist you will need to see. If you after particular artist works please note.

You can contact artist individually via social media accounts.

                          Dzeraldas Jerry Kudrevicius

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                    David Haddock




James Taylor  



Currently we do not offer any piercing 

service. Sorry for inconvenience.